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Also called polyps occurs in children and it is a kind of hyperplasia of the palatine tonsil. Normally the adenoids recede by the 6th-7th birthday and the eustachian tube and anatomical structures become wider.

The symptoms of adenoids include impaired breathing, snoring, loss of appetite, nasal speech, recurring middle ear infections and chronic nasal tube ventilation disorders with the resulting hearing unpairment.

Adenoids are treated in our clinic by non-surgical or surgical treatment if necessary. If wished, we can also try a homeopathic treatment on first place.

Adenoidectomy can be required in case of very enlarged adenoids which do not react to homeopathic therapy. This minimal invasive surgery is done in the IATROS clinic on an outpatient procedure. Generally no need of an overnight stay is required.

Dr. Rosenthal, Munich - ENT Consultant - Homeopathy

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