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Coblation of nasal concha

Minimally invasive techniques of the treatment of nasal obstruction
(Hyperplasia of the nasal concha)


The radiofrequency method reduces the size of the nasal turbinates. The mucous membrane on the surface of the turbinates, important for filtering and purifying the air, remains intact.

With RFITT a submucosal thermal necrosis is generated along the entire length of the concha within the tissue. The mucous membrane is not damaged. Marked volume reduction of the nasal concha occurs seven to ten days after the treatment. It results in an increase of the nasal respiration.

The benefits for the patients are an outgoing procedure, a brief duration of the treatment (just a few minutes), a protection of the nasal mucosa (important to immune response), less complications or side effects (no bleeding or pain, no nasal packing necessary).

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