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Disease patterns


Child hearing disorders

at an early stage could lead to a delay in the development of speech and language capabilities. Therefore it is imperative to diagnose and treat these disorders at an early stage.
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Middle Ear Infection

The causes could be traced to the pharynx and nasal cavities. Pathogenes are carried through the eustachian tube into the middle ear.
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Also called polyps occur in children and it is a hyperplasia of the palatine tonsils.
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Hyperplasia of the tonsils

An enlargement of the tonsils could lead to significant changes in the well-being of the child. It could lead to snoring, difficulties in swallowing and apnoea.
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There are different kinds of sinusitis, acute and chronic sinusitis and depending on the area we distinguish sinusitis maxillaris, ethmoidalis, frontalis and sphenoidalis.
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Inhalation disorders

Closed nostrils can be a big impediment for patients. Patients then tend to breathe through the mouth which cause irritations, drying out, inflammation of the mucous membrane and of course snoring.
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Voice disorder und speech disorders

Voice hoarseness, speech loss or broken voice and an increase tendency to clear ones throat should be treated as quickly as possible. Causes could range from hormonal, psychic to even functional (e.g Opera Singers).
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It can be described as a permanent tone or noise within the ear. It is often caused by loud noises, organic infections and permanent stress situations.
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Dizziness and loss of balance could occur for different reasons. The past medical history plays a vital role in the diagnosis an enables a distinction between the different causes of dizziness. Our clinic is equipped with the most modern dizziness-detection procedures: control of vestibulospinal reflexes, hearing check including thermic-labyrynth check with electronystagmography (ENG).

Acute hearing loss

Triggered by circulatory disorder acute hearing loss could be compared to an infarct. Hair follicles within the inner ear are deprived of sufficient oxygen which causes difficult hearing or deafness. It is caused by viral infections, imbalances in the immune system or functional disorders of the nerve paths of the inner ear. Only a prompt treatment can improve the odds of healing. We carry out Audiogramm, OAE, Bera including mainstream and homeopathic therapy during the whole treatment phase.

Acute and chronic tonsillitis

Patients who come to us with acute and chronic tonsillitis can be first treated with homeopathic therapy if wished.

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