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ENT Surgery

ENT Surgery

Middle ear surgery

A parazentesis or drainage may be required for chronic discharge of fluids from the middle ear. Because of this the oscillation of the inner ear is highly curtailed, thus distorting the transfer of sound waves to the inner ear. This could lead to hearing loss.
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Adenoidectomy (Hyperplasia of the adenoid lymphatic tissue)

In case of enlarged and oversized adenoids a complete removal of this hyperplasia of the lymphatic tissue may be necessary. Usaually this occurs on an outgoing procedure without any need of an overnight stay.
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Tonsillectomy with Laser or the Coblation method

Tonsillectomy has evolved as a very effective method of treatment due to the fact that, contrary to the laser method the little heat used causes little or no damage to neighbouring mucous membrane and the remaining tonsils.
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A tonsillectomy (complete removal of the palatine tonsils) may be required for patients of relapsing tonsillitis who do not show any reaction to homeopathic treatments.
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Paranasal sinuses surgery

If the chronic symptoms of the sinusitis do not improve even after several therapies, then an operation may be inevitable.

Coblation of nasal concha

Coblation (radio frequency therapy) is used to shorten the nasal concha to enable improved breathing.
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