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ENT treatment spectrum

Hearing examination

Hearing examination

We offer the whole range of ENT-diagnosis including infant audiometry (paed-audiology) and diagnosis of hearing loss at an early stage, while making use of classical procedures of subjective audiometry in combination with objective physical examination procedures. These include: brainstem evoked response audiometry (BERA) and the examination of the functional status of the outer hair cells in the inner ear.

Equilibrium analysis

An interdisciplinary co-operation of several fields is required for treatment and diagnosis of dizziness. The doctor tries to determine if there has been any damages or rule out any disorder to the organs responsible for equilibrium and the nerve systems. This can be achieved by making use of electronystagmonogram (ENT) and brainstem evoked response audiometry (BERA).

Ultrasound examination

It is a classic ENT-diagnostic tool to examine the soft tissues of the sinuses, face and throat.

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Precision in determining the exact position of the ear drum, nose, larynx and pharynx can only be achieved with the help of modern endoscopic equipment which we use in our medical practice.


Allergic reactions could be induced by dust mites, mold, animal hair, nutrition or several pollens. To determine this we carry out a pricktest. This involves applying standard substances that cause allergic reactions onto the skin. In some cases a rasttest is performed if so demanded or even a blood test for a definite differentiation of the allergic substances. The type of therapy will be determined with the patient after analysing the results.

Dr. Rosenthal, Munich - ENT Consultant - Homeopathy

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