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The basic principle of homeopathy lies in the axiom: Similia similibus curantur, the laws of similars. A Doctor’s sole purpose is to cure the sick, which is healing.

This form of therapy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann some 200 years ago. Every prescription is individually adapted to the physique of the particular patient. The additional denotation "Homöopathie" is accorded by the Chamber of Medical Doctors. It is awarded only after a successful training, and final examination. Dr.Rosenthal was awarded the Homöopathie-Diplom in 2004 by the Deutscher Zentralverein der homöopathischen Ärzte (German Board of Homeopathic Doctors). It constitutes not only a comprehensive training over the years but also requires regular supervision and regular further training. A thorough knowledge of medications, constitutes one of the main characteristics of the Diplom-Homöopathen.

How Homeopathy works

Illnesses are seen as disturbances that occur in body. For this reason the body as a whole is to be treated and not only the symptoms. This is why homeopathic physicians do not prescribe homeopathic remedies just for a particular symptom but for all the symptoms.

Possibilities and limitations of Homeopathy

Basically every ENT-Infection can be treated through homeopathy. The patient must however be able to accurately perceive and describe his symptoms to the doctor.

Application range in ENT Therapy

Theoretically every ailment that doesn’t involve emergency procedures could be treated by homeopathic means. Homeopathy can heal or alleviate acute and chronic ailments especially the following:

  • Infection of auditory canal
  • Middle ear infection
  • Middle ear discharge
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Sinusitis
  • Acute and chronic tonsillitis and angina
  • Enlarged pharyngeal tonsil
  • Voice hoarseness
  • Laryngitis
  • Pollenosis (Hayfever)
  • Cough

A continuous medical attendance by the physician is however required, to be ably to detect changes in the course of the infection so as to ensure a successful recovery or to adjust accordingly. Dr. Rosenthal provides through her integrative concept of Homeopathy and Allopathy a comprehensive thearapy.

We specialise in treating ENT-Infections in children


Preparing for consultation

We are very conscious of the importance of preliminary consultations and so we provide enough time for this. You can help us in this regard by bringing along

  • A picture
  • An other documentation e.g medical findings etc

Billing of homeopathic therapies

We charge or patients in accordance with the billing order of homeopathic doctors. Private health insurance companies normally cover the costs of homeopathic treatments. We therefore advice you to check with your health insurance company.

Dr. Rosenthal, Munich - ENT Consultant - Homeopathy

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