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Inhalation disorders


Clogged nostrils could be a big impediment for patients. Patients then tend to breathe through the mouth which cause irritations, drying out, inflammation of the mucous membrane and of course snoring. Causes may include: Nasal concha hyperplasia (enlarged nasal concha), septum deviation, polyps, adenoids in adults, allergies or chronic sinusitis.

The main cause however, is an enlarged nasal concha. Within the nasal concha are erectile tissues which swell due to an allergic reaction, inflammations, medications or disturbance if the air current.


The therapy is at first conservative. Depending on the wishes of our patients a homeopathic - symptomatic or constitutional therapy could be carried out. If no improvement is achieved within 6 months, coblation conchotommy is used to shorten the nasal concha.

Dr. Rosenthal, Munich - ENT Consultant - Homeopathy

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