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Middle Ear Infection

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The causes could be traced to the pharynx and nasal cavities. Pathogenes are carried through the eustachian tube into the middle ear. The symptoms could include chronic ear pain, fever, ear fluid discharge and even hearing loss. Complications may include permanent ear damage, ear drum perforation and building of scars on the ear drum.

We have developed in our clinical practice a special concerted therapy which includes homeopathic – symptomatic for acute middle ear infection and personalized, individual homeopathic treatment in case of chronical ear infections or in case of secretory otitis media. We will resort to mainstream medicine in case a homeopathic therapy does not lead to any improvement.

The lymphatic tissue such as adenoids or tonsils usually swell between the 2nd and 3rd year and could block the nasal cavities. This leads to relapsing middle ear inflammation and chronic discharge of fluids from the middle ear. In some cases an enlargement of the adenoids could even crop up before year 2. (e.g. kids in day care centers with contact to bacteria and viruses). Normally the adenoids recede by the 6th-7th birthday and the eustachian tube and other anatomical structures become wider.

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