Dr. Sussan Rosenthal - ENT Consultant - Homeopath
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Dr. Sussan Rosenthal
Dr. Sussan Rosenthal

Dr. Sussan Rosenthal, ENT Consultant


  • Accredited consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist
  • 20 years of ENT experience (surgical and non-surgical)
  • Established independent ENT clinic, Munich, Germany since 1997
  • Skilled in general otorhinolaryngology, adults and children
  • Special interests in paed-audiology, children's surgery, surgical treatment of snoring, coblation and radiofrequency therapy
  • Skilled in homeopathy
  • Lifetime commitment to clinical excellence


  • School education in Germany and USA

University education

  • 1984-1990 Medical School, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bologna, Italy
  • 1991 Approval to practice medicine by University of Bologna, Italy
  • 1991 Doctorate qualification
  • 1996 accredited trained specialist in Otorhinolaryngology
  • 2004 Accredited Diploma of Homeopathy

Hospital training appointments, Residency and special qualifications

  • 1991-1996 Specialization to ENT consultant, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Central Clinic Augsburg, Germany
  • 1997-2004 Homeopathic training in Homeopathy, Munich , Germany
  • since 1997 Consultant ENT surgeon, surgery in private clinic, IATROS-Clinic, Munich, Germany
  • since 1997 in ENT practice, Munich, Germany

Academic and Administrative Appointments

  • Member of German Association of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
  • Member of German Association of Homeopathic Doctors
  • Medical Advisor (ENT) to paediatric homeopathic doctors, Munich
  • Lecturer in Paediatric and Homeopathic Otorhinolaryngology for the German Association of Homeopathy
  • Member of British Association for Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Languages spoken: fluent in German, English and Italian. Basic knowledge in Spanish.

Your comfort is our priority. Routine and further training of our employees in the fields of audiology, especially paed-audiology, allergology, organisation and quality management are obligatory, thus maintaining our high standards.

Our years of experience with children makes it easier for us to perform audiological examinations. Our team speaks fluent German, English, Italian, Turkish and Spanish.

Dr. Rosenthal, Munich - ENT Consultant - Homeopathy

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