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Complete removal of the palatine tonsils

A tonsillectomy may be required for patients of relapsing tonsillitis who do not show any reaction to homeopathic treatments. This is especially true for patients with an increased blood concentration of ASL-Titer, reduced performance, and chronic fatigue.

This kind of surgery could be carried out with the use of conservative methods or by using modern sophisticated surgery methods, like the coblation or radiofrequency method (coblation tonsillectomy). The radiofrequency-therapy causes only a minute thermal damage to neighbouring tissues. Furthermore this method is more advantageous due to the fact that it causes little post-operative pain and reduces subsequent bleeding. This type of surgery cannot be done on an outgoing procedure. It needs a few overnight stays in the hospital.

Coblation tonsillectomy
Coblation tonsillectomy

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