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Hyperplasia of the tonsils

Hyperplasia of the tonsils

An enlargement of the tonsils could lead to significant changes in the well-being of the child. It could lead to snoring, difficulties in swallowing and apnoea.

The aim is to preserve the tonsils and their functions. Nowadays in patients with oversized palatine tonsils a complete removal is not indicated in every case. With new techniques such as laser, coblation or bipolar radiofrequency induced thermotherapy (RFITT) the lymphatic tissue within the tonsils is precisely coagulated and a quarter to half of the oversized tonsils will be taken out. These new methods, especially the RFITT method, provides a tissue-friendly outpatient procedure which preserves the important role and function of the palatine tonsils in the immune system. Due to these methods almost no complications such as bleeding or infections are seen and the child usually does not need any pain treatment. This type of minimal invasive surgery is done on an outpatient procedure. Generally no overnight stay is required.

Conservative homeopathic therapy can be carried out in case of middle-sized tonsils.

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